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One Month

One Month

Rest in His Goodness

The warm sun on my skin, the wind flows through the palms creating a sound of a rushing river, the waves crash around me. This is where I go to find rest. A day of rest is crucial here, each day is packed with Spanish class, serving at various ministries, writing blog posts, and property jobs. My brain quickly switches into “task completion” mode and I struggle with viewing each day as a checklist. Monday gives me a chance to recharge, enjoy what's around me while I prepare for the week ahead.

My week at a glance

My schedule is always tentative. Something can happen (and usually does) to shift priorities, but we still have a full schedule going into each week. Here’s what it typically looks like:


Day – Church. Horizon Church is currently renting space from the Spanish church, Iglesia Radical. It has a beautiful Spanish style courtyard with an open air sanctuary. My schedule rotates between teaching the 3-6 year olds and singing on the worship team.

Night – Rest. Typically I'm reading or writing in my journal.


Rest. All day.


Day – Youth group. Thursday night is Horizon Youth’s SIX11, for kids 6th grade to 11th grade (kids go through an extra year of kindergarten so they don't have 12th grade here). So Tuesday's are our prep day. Kyle and I spend the day with Daniel and Sarah planning worship, the message, games, and special events.

Night – Women's bible study (one of my favorites)


Day – Prenatal center. I help Sarah in the morning at “Centro Prenatal” where she coaches the women through pregnancy, delivery, and parenthood while sharing the gospel. (I mainly help watch the babies or just listen in on the class). From there, we head down the road to the church for the weekly prayer meeting. I get to meet with Sarah after. We are reading through “Fresh Wind Fresh Fire” by Jim Cymbala (an amazing book about the power of prayer). We also just discuss life; my fears, my pain, my passions. Sarah is like a mother for me here, she listens and loves me through and through.

Night – Serving food to the homeless.  


Day – Ocean's Edge. We’re creating a packet to help visitors, interns and mission teams adapt to the culture here. Kyle and I have been studying the main two cultures that make up the world; hot versus cold. In America, we value time and efficiency but in places like Latin America, relationships take precedence.

Night – SIX11. We play games, sing, listen to the message, then eat dinner. The kids love coming! The games have been the highlight and bring everyone together.


Day – Clean. We rake leaves, cut grass—it reminds me of my childhood (thanks dad).

Night – Spanish church a.k.a: “Iglesia Radical;” a.k.a: chipping away at the language barrier.


Day – Kid’s Club. We go to a little neighborhood of Jacó called Invu and play games, tell bible stories, make crafts and eat cookies! All the kids take rice and beans home for their families.

Night: Miscellaneous events or worship practice.

Everyday seems to fly by; the days quickly turned into a month! But I cannot wait to see what else happens and I cannot wait to tell you more about my life here!

Thank you for your constant encouragement and prayers.



My New Home!

My New Home!