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A Heart of Thanksgiving

A Heart of Thanksgiving

Overwhelmed in gratitude 

Three months. Can you believe it? I feel like I just got here, but at the same time like I’ve been here a year!

A season of gratitude

It’s November and the theme is thankfulness. I want to share a few things going on here that I am thankful for:

Horizon Church Youth Group - the hardest thing for me during the launch of youth group, when I first arrived, was that I was the new kid. All these kids were friends from school and I was their unknown leader. I struggled to find my place but now as relationships are being built, the youth group is one of my favorite ministries. 

The Passport team - for the past month (and the next couple of weeks) eleven girls and one boy have been here with us at Ocean’s Edge. For me, I am thankful for each one of them. Yes, they help out a ton but also, I have the opportunity to mentor a few and love on them. 

My Ocean’s Edge Bosses - with the team here, Hannah and April are in charge of their schedule and mentoring and everything else. As the intern, I get to help them in any way possible. I’ve loved getting to know them more and see how they work.

The Barrett’s - every day I’m more and more thankful for this family. I babysat them last weekend and as we watched The Incredibles, Micah sleeping on one side of me and Jacob talking to me on the other side. Such a sweet, peaceful moment that I’ll always cherish. 

The Minnick’s - a family of six moved in next door to the Barrett’s just two weeks after I moved here. Before I knew it, they stole my heart. (I found out the four kids always ask if I can come over to play and my heart just melts.) Their mom, Jennifer is my running buddy. Those mornings, even though I dread the run, I am so excited to spend more time with her. 

Carli - known as the “property mom.” She is my neighbor and her room provides so much comfort. As extroverts, we both need to be around people so we make a good pair. Whenever I need her, she’ll always listen and give the advice I need.

Tuesday Night Bible Study - I love the eclectic group of women that meet every week, different ages and backgrounds all come together to be challenged in our relationship with God. This past week, we discussed thankfulness this week and how our ability to give thanks in any situation changes the focus from us onto Him. 
Our challenge (which I'll pass on to you) was to write down five things you're thankful for every day until Thanksgiving day. See how it changes your focus each morning and continues throughout the day. 

Here and Now

Currently, I am in Nicaragua to renew my visa for the next three months. The best part? I’ll be spending the week with my big sister, Carolyn! I am beyond excited to rest and have some family time.

And last but certainly not least, I am incredibly thankful for all of you, for all of your support and all of your encouragement to me these past months, I am completely overwhelmed with love. 

A Very, Merry Christmas

A Very, Merry Christmas