Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

My Number One Supporters:

  • 6 brothers; 4 older, 2 younger
  • 4 sisters; 1 older, 3 younger
  • 1 brother-in-law
  • 1 sister-in-law
  • mom and dad 

My family has been by my side through and through. From 1995-2006 we lived in Jackson, New Jersey; here the bond was created between my siblings and I. We were homeschooled and therefore spent almost everyday together. And now ten years later, no longer under the same house, this bond continues to grow tremendously. They all share my excitement for this journey.  


The past four years I have spent my time at Clemson University pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences. Independent, courageous, ambitious; three words I would have described for myself upon moving into college. However, I felt none of these things. I was lonely, discouraged, and unmotivated. 

Four years later and although independence, courage, and ambition still make up my core I still fight against the loneliness, but it is these people around me that have helped me succeed in school. They have encouraged me, listened to me, and loved me and they will continue to as I graduate, move to Costa Rica, and whatever will come next.